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AMF Issues Public Warning on Unauthorized Activities by TGL CORP LIMITED and VexusTrade


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Website Availability: 

  2. VexusTrade – NO

Official Address: 

  1. TGL CORP LIMITED – 1 Canada Square, London E14 5DY
  2. VexusTrade – NA

Regulation: Unregulated

Warned By: AutoritĂ© des marches financiers (QuĂ©bec)

Is TGL CORP LIMITED and VexusTrade Legit or a Scam?

The AMF’s recent warning calls TGL CORP LIMITED and VexusTrade’s credibility into question. Both companies have been reported for operating without the required authorization, raising concerns about their business practices. This absence of regulatory control frequently indicates potential scam activities, as reputable financial services are expected to follow strict regulatory criteria to protect investors.

Clients have claimed a variety of concerns, including unresponsive customer support, sudden account closures, and difficulty accessing their assets. These are common symptoms of fraudulent enterprises, thus potential investors should avoid these firms.

Fund Withdrawal

One of the most serious problems about TGL CORP LIMITED and VexusTrade is the difficulty clients encounter when seeking to withdraw their money. There have been several complaints concerning extended delays or outright refusals to execute withdrawal requests. Such behavior is characteristic of fraudulent schemes, with the primary purpose of preventing clients from withdrawing their deposited funds.

If you have funds invested with these companies, you should try to remove them right away and keep track of all interactions. The longer your money is with these businesses, the greater the chance of losing it permanently.

How to Claim a Refund from TGL CORP LIMITED and VexusTrade?

If you have sought but were unsuccessful in recovering your money from TGL CORP LIMITED and VexusTrade, gather your supporting documentation. Keep copies of every correspondence as proof of your payment demands. If they halt or refuse, initiate the chargeback process immediately. Inform your bank about TGL CORP LIMITED and VexusTrade’s questionable business practices and lack of licensing.

Regarding Wire Transfers, What is the Situation?

Because of the inability to charge back, wire transfers are a tough means to recover money. Making a complaint and contacting the authorities are the most effective strategies to escalate the problem. This strategy frequently leads to the reevaluation of refund decisions. If you do not receive your money back, file a detailed fraud report and email it to the company, stating that you will send it again. Please contact us if you require any assistance.

TGL CORP LIMITED Review and VexusTrade Review – Conclusion

The AMF’s public warning against TGL CORP LIMITED and VexusTrade serves as a timely reminder to conduct due diligence before investing. The unlawful status of these firms, combined with many consumer complaints about fund withdrawal difficulties, indicates a high risk of scam activities.

The greatest advice for anyone considering investing with these businesses is to avoid them and protect their hard-earned money. Current investors should take quick measures to withdraw cash and seek reimbursements. To avoid being a victim of fraud, always conduct your financial transactions through authorized and trustworthy institutions.

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