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SwapBridge, Premium Live Trade, and FXD Trading warned by FCA for Unauthorized Activity

SwapBridge review, Premium Live Trade review, FXD Trading review

Regarding the illicit activity of SwapBridge, Premium Live Trade, and FXD Trading, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has alerted the public. These companies, who advertise that they provide a range of financial services, have been investigated for possibly operating without the required authorization. A summary of these businesses, the FCA’s concerns, and the risks of doing business with them are given in this article. This contains important details on the SwapBridge review, Premium Live Trade review, and FXD Trading review for individuals who are searching for in-depth analyses.

SwapBridge Review – Details of SwapBridge


Website Availability: No

Official Address: 98 Holburn Street, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom, AB10 6BY

Regulation: Unregulated

Premium Live Trade Review – Details of Premium Live Trade


Website Availability: Yes

Official Address: 1000 Main St, 12th floor, London, TX 77002

Regulation: Unregulated

FXD Trading Review – Details of FXD Trading


Website Availability: Yes

Official Address: 177 Eastcote Road, Ruislip, Middlesex, HA4 8BJ

Regulation: Unregulated

Overview of SwapBridge

As a brokerage business that connects traders to financial markets, SwapBridge positions itself for market share. The business claims to be a “reliable bridge” that supports dealers in becoming successful abroad. Despite these assertions, SwapBridge neglects to supply necessary registration paperwork, raising serious doubts about its authenticity. Doubts over the company’s activities get worse by the fact that its website is presently down. Dealing with an unregistered and unavailable entity carries potential risks, which would become evident after a full study of SwapBridge.

Insight into Premium Live Trade

Premium Live Trade prides itself on being a cutting-edge, US-based investing platform. The platform was created in February 2013 and claims to be involved in trading, mining, and other investment-related activities, such as Forex trading and sponsored adverts. However, the way the business identifies its UK headquarters location raises questions. This disparity calls into doubt Premium Live Trade’s legitimacy and dependability. To determine the truth behind these contradictory data and evaluate the dangers associated with investing, it would be smart for anyone thinking about doing so to do a thorough Premium Live Trade review.

Examination of FXD Trading

As a technological platform, FXD Trading positions itself to link investors and advisers with leading alternative investment managers. Assets Solutions Limited, a company with registrations in Singapore, Canada, and the UK, runs the platform. FXD Trading asserts that its activities are supported by a group of elite technological talent and financial specialists from across the globe. The FCA’s notice implies that FXD Trading may be providing financial services without the required permission, although these outstanding claims. A thorough FXD Trading review would be necessary to comprehend the platform’s credibility and the possible risks associated with doing business with an unlicensed organization.


In light of the FCA’s warning, investors and traders must exercise caution when dealing with SwapBridge, Premium Live Trade, and FXD Trading. These companies have raised red flags due to their lack of transparency, inconsistent information, and potential unauthorized operations. Conducting thorough research and seeking detailed SwapBridge reviews, Premium Live Trade reviews and FXD Trading reviews can help individuals make informed decisions and avoid falling victim to scams. Always ensure that any financial service provider is properly registered and authorized by relevant regulatory bodies before engaging with them.

Recover Funds from SwapBridge, Premium Live Trade, and FXD Trading Scams

Take immediate action to get your money back if you were a victim of the SwapBridge, Premium Live Trade, and FXD Trading scams. Even though the procedure might be difficult, following the right procedures and being patient can increase your chances of getting your money back.

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